Thank you Grisha!

The vast majority of people would not refuse a price, especially when it comes with a lot of money. It is therefore impressive that the mathematician Grigori "Grisha" Perelman declined both the Fields Medal (2006) and the Millenium Prize (2010) which come with the monetary awards of 10,000 Euro and 1 million dollars, respectively. His thesis is that the only satisfaction came for solving the math problem (the Poincare Conjecture) that hooked for years many professional mathematicians while becoming rich and famous is not at all important. Most people cannot understand this philosophy but it makes a lot of sense when we think about the meaning of doing science: navigate the unknown, study and discover Nature. It is a (serious) problem of contemporary science and society the fact that self-promotion is necessary to be successful. Ideally, modesty and scientific curiosity are the best qualities to discover the beauty of Nature and its hidden laws. Thank you Grisha for giving us such example of perfect moral behavior!

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